Salesforce Summer-18 Release Notes

Hello, my dear readers! This page Salesforce Summer-18 release notes supposed to be published three months back but did not get time to go through Salesforce summer-18 release notes. I have some time now to write this page and to know about Salesforce summer-18 features.

Like the previous page Spring’18 release notes, I am writing only headlines of summer’18 release notes due to time consideration.

Salesforce summer-18 went live in the month of June-2018. To know more about Salesforce-summer’18 release notes see this URL:

Below are few highlights in Summer’18 release

Salesforce IOT

  1. Troubleshoot Orchestrations with Trackers Before You Activate in Production
  2. Monitor Orchestrations for Continued Performance with Activity Log

Financial Services Cloud

  1. Streamline the User Experience with Person Accounts
  2. Customize Group Relationship Views
  3. Roll Up Opportunities to the Primary Group
  4. Accelerate Data Loads as Needed
  5. Automate Rollup by Lookup Rule Recalculations Using Apex
  6. Enhance Productivity with Salesforce Inbox
  7. Get Smarter Marketing Automation with Salesforce Pardot
  8. Associate an Activity to Multiple Contacts
  9. Enhanced Accessibility
  10. Permission Set License Required for All Financial Services Cloud Users

Security and Identity

  1. Authentication and Identity: Enhanced Identity Verification Methods, Passwordless Login, and More Secure Community Sessions
  2. Salesforce Shield: Encrypt More Fields, Near-Real-Time Event Logs, and More Event Types and Fields
  3. Security Health Check: Health Check Grades and New and Changed Settings
  4. Other Security Changes: My Domain and Domain Management Improvements

To know more about summer-18 release notes refer to this URL: