Spring’15 Salesforce release notes

Now Salesforce is on Spring15 release. API Version is 33

Below are the few of the spring 15 release features.

1. Actions terminology is changed.
– publisher actions are now quick actions.
-Record actions are now productivity actions.
2. Now delegated Administrators Can Manage Public Groups.
3. With the Spring 15 release we can create or edit records owned by inactive users.
4. Records with standard address fields now display a Google Maps image of the address. This feature is enable by default
5. Users can log in to Salesforce by using their Google account.
6. We can track login history by ID with session Context.
7. We can track data loader logins with login history.
8. Deploy your components in less time by skipping test class execution. But you have to validate all components within the last four days.
9. Now we can deploy/retrieve 10000 components at a time. Earlier it was 5000 components.
10. Delete Components before and after Component Updates.
11. During the refresh we can change the sandbox type with spring 15 release.
12. Apex flex queue: We can submit more batch jobs(up to 100)
13. We can access Address and Geolocation Compound Fields Using Apex.
14. Now we can manage Questions in Chatter with Question-to-Case.
15 Community administrator settings moved from setup to Community management.

There are many other new features available with this release. See below Salesforce release notes. Know more about Spring’15 release notes.