Salesforce Summer’17 release notes

Salesforce Summer'17 Release Notes

Salesforce Summer’17 release notes, Salesforce summer’17 upgrade is having many cool lightning features and production environments and non-preview sandboxes will be upgraded to Summer’17 on June 9th/10th June 2017. Preview sandboxes were already upgrades to Summer’17(upgraded on 5th/6th May 2017).

Below are the few summer 17 features, more tools to help you adopt lighting experience, keyboard short cuts, and more ways to navigate and manage records.

– Keep Your Code Current with Optimizer.

– Find Unused Reports and Dashboards with Optimizer.

– Get Better Assistance with the Restyled Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.

– Get Expanded Analysis When You Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness.

– Switch More Users to Lightning Experience.

– Make Lightning Experience the Only Experience.

– Ditch Your Mouse—Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here.

– Navigate to a Record Directly from an Action Success Message.

– Lightning Console Apps: See and Do More.

– Choose Utility Icons for Your Lightning Apps More Easily.

– Rich Text Editors Reenabled for LockerService.

– Access Field History Related Lists in Lightning Experience.

– Preview Case Details with Case Hovers.

– Stay in Your Current App When You Open Favorites.

– Find Favorites with a Simplified Favorites List.

– Search: External Search Results, a Better Way to Find Opportunities, and More.

– Filter Help Search Results by Experience.

These are only few summer’17 overall features to know more all Salesforce summer’17 release notes, you can refer below URL.

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Know more about below features.

Access metadata from Apex

New and changed standard objects in salesforce summer’17


VisualforceAccessMetrics object

Field history related list in lightning

Hide Option to switch Salesforce classic

New analysis in salesforce optimizer reports