VisualforceAccessMetrics object – Access visualforce metrics using SOAP API

VisualforceAccessMetrics object, Salesforce providing this object to query metrics on the visualforce pages. We can use this object in salesforce SOAP API.

Example Query:

SELECT ApexPageId,DailyPageViewCount,Id,MetricsDate FROM VisualforceAccessMetrics

About fields of this object:

DailyPageViewCount field: This field is type of integer and it stores daily page view count.

MetricsDate: This field is type of date and the date the metrics were collected.

ApexPageId: ID of the tracked visualforce page.

This object supports count(), query() and retrieve() calls.

Using this we can track,

– Number of views each Visualforce page in your org receives in a 24-hour
time period.

– To find out how many views a page got over the course of multiple days, we can query multiple VisualforceAccessMetrics objects for the same ApexPageId.