Salesforce release notes

Salesforce release notes? You might have been thinking what are these Salesforce-release notes if you are a newbie to Salesforce. Yes, it’s true. The term Salesforce-Release notes is a keyword for the people who are actively working/using on Salesforce. I guess most of the people who are reading this article might have an idea about release notes. Generally, if we are working on a project/product, we maintain key-notes of the product features before go-live. These release notes help stakeholders to know about this product features, pros, and cons.

Now, you might have been thinking why this guy is talking too much about release notes. I like Salesforce very much! The reason is their consistency to provide more and more features to their customers without impacting business, and Salesforce has three major releases per year, and in each release or version, they offer many new features/updates for existing features.

You just read three releases per year! Yes, it is true! Salesforce named their releases or versions with below names.

  1. Winter (Ex: Winter’18)
  2. Spring (Ex: Spring’18)
  3. Summer (Ex: Summer’18)

For each release, Salesforce provides a detailed document called Salesforce-release notes which contain the list features delivered with that particular release. Moreover, communicate about their release plan, dates to their customer very well advanced (at least upcoming one year).

Where can I find Salesforce maintenance schedule?

The answer is:

Yes, here provides their maintenance calendar to their customers. Moreover, giving preview instructions to customers. It helps customers to prepare for an upcoming release.

What is the upcoming release? Spring’19

 Spring’19 preview instructions: Refer to URL

Release notes: Not yet available.

What is latest release which went live? Winter’19

Preview instructions:

Release notes:

Previous releases: