Salesforce Spring’19 Release preview Instructions

Salesforce spring’19 release preview instructions:

Salesforce Spring’19 release date is approaching with exciting features. The sandbox preview window for Salesforce

Spring’19 scheduled to begin 4th January 2021
If you want your sandbox to be updated Spring’19:
– No action needed if it is already in preview instance.
– Refresh your sandbox if it is not in preview instance.
If you don’t want to update your sandbox to Spring’19:
– No action needed if your sandbox in the non-preview instance.
– Refresh your sandbox after 5th January if your sandbox is in the preview instance.

All sandboxes which are available in the preview instances will be upgraded to spring’19 on 4th and 5th January 2021
All non-preview instance will be upgraded to Spring’19 on 9th/10th February 2018.

To know more about sandbox preview instructions, please review