Salesforce release notes – Winter’17 was released Winter’17 upgrade in the month of October. Below are few Salesforce release notes related to winter’17.

1. Search: Global search box becomes more efficient in both in lightning and classic versions. Below are the few winter’17 features related to search.
– Spell correction for custom object: When users search for a term, they can see results that match.
– Search results are now available for more objects: Now user can search Contract (only searchable on lightning experience), Knowledge Article (only searchable on lightning experience), operating hours, Resource Absence (only searchable on Salesforce classic), Service appointment, Service Resource, Service Resource Skill (only searchable on Salesforce classic), Service Territory and service Territory Member (only searchable on Salesforce classic).
– Find the Right Record with Person Account Search Enhancements
– Encrypt Your Search Index
And there are few more updates related to search…..
2. Quick deployment is enabled up to 10 days for successful validation. (This was 4 days earlier).
With Winter 17 release we can deploy Apex Test suits using metadata API and also Global value set is available for change set deployments.

3. We can more easily rename and edit test suits using Test Suite Manager’s new Rename Suite button
4. Your Salesforce org and App Exchange App exchange are together now. You can search apps without leaving your salesforce org. To open the integrated AppExchange experience, go to the App Launcher and click AppExchange. User must have “Download AppExchange Packages” permission enabled at profile level to access this feature.
5. Custom metadata types:
– Metadata Relationship Fields Now Fully Supported
– Metadata Relationship Fields to Entity Definition Show Up as Links in List View Results
– Do More with the Custom Metadata Loader
– Easily Manage a Custom Metadata Record When Deleting Its Referenced Object
– View Filtering on Metadata Relationship Fields Has Changed
– All Is Not Lost—Restore Deleted Metadata Relationship Fields
– Limitations When Querying Custom Metadata Types with SOQL
6. New Apex methods to monitor Platform Cache.
– Average get time
– Average item size
– Maximum get time
– Maximum item size
– Key miss rate
– Total number of keys
7. We can find more information about Apex test runs in lightning version.
From setup -> Apex Test History you can access more information about apex test runs.

Salesforce Release Notes

And also we can easily see number of passed and failed test classes easily with this new user interface. This is only available on lightning user interface.

Here I listed only few features release on Winter’17 release. There were lot if feature related to lightning provided by “” to go through all Salesforce release notes refer the release notes documentation.