Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce classic

Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce classic – Summer’17 feature

Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce classic, Salesforce has provided this feature in Summer’17 to hide Switch to Salesforce classic option in setup menu.

To enable this, go to profiles and permission sets and enable “Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce classic” permission. We can enable this if we are ready to enable lighting version without looking back to salesforce classic version.

Generally, when we enable lightning version, users will get switcher option to switch between two user interfaces (Salesforce classic and lightning). If you want some users or all users stick to lightning version, you can use this feature to remove switcher.

Below are considerations we must keep in mind when we enable this feature.

If users access features that aren’t available in Lightning Experience, they temporarily access Salesforce Classic in a new browser tab, even though the permission is enabled. They use Salesforce Classic only as long as they’re using a feature that’s not available in Lightning Experience.

The permission doesn’t affect the full site link in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app. Salesforce1 users always switch to the Salesforce Classic version of the full site, regardless of the interface they see from desktop devices.

Refer salesforce summer’17 release notes for more details.


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