Visualforce features-winter’19 release

Create & Edit Field Sets in Lightning Experience:

We can create & edit fieldsets in lighting experience. This feature is available in the lightning version with winter’19 release.

To create field sets in lightning version, go to setup -> Object Manager -> select an object -> create a new field set.


New Visualforce Access Metrics Fields:

VisualforceAccessMetrics object represents summary statistics (like ApexPageID, ProfileID, DailyPageViewCount, MetricsDate, and LogDate) for visualforce pages.

Below two new fields are added with winter’19 release.

  1. ProfileId – It shows the profile ID of the user who viewed the visualforce page.
  2. LogDate – It shows the most recent page access date.

Securely Retrieve & Display Third-Party Images in Visualforce Pages:

IMAGEPROXYURL: This function is available with winter’19 release, it loads external images over HTTPS & stops images from requesting user credentials.

We can include this function on the src attribute of a tag <img> or the value of <apex:image> attribute.

Improve Security by Isolating Untrusted Third-Party Content with iframes:

Use merge field $IFrameResource.<resource_name>, to reference a static HTML file on a separate domain. resource_name is the static resource name.

URL Redirect Parameters Are No Longer Case-Sensitive:

Below parameters are no longer case sensitive.

retURL, startURL, cancelURL, and saveURL.

To know more about these features please refer Salesforce release notes: