Oracle CRM on Demand : In our previous CRM Software Training we have learned about Google Cloud Service. In this CRM Software Training we are going to learn about Oracle CRM, Oracle CRM on demand, Oracle CRM Software, Oracle CRM pricing, Oracle CRM Application and What is Oracle CRM on demand.

What is Oracle CRM on demand ?

Oracle CRM on demand is very powerful and flexible applications. Oracle CRM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based application which performs set of functions to meet a  business need.  It is easy to install and easy to administer and also Oracle provides comprehensive set of administrative tools which requires training for business users to become proficient in the setup and maintenance of the application.

Before deployment of applications in Oracle on demand we have to clearly understand what the product can do ? How can we design application ? What are the system requirements ? what are the features ?  Any new technology in it ?

Oracle CRM features.

  • CRM on Demand is based on SaaS model.
  • Single subscription fee.
  • No technical hurdles of deployment.
  • Two or more new versions will be released every year.
  • Oracle CRM on demand is hosted by Oracle.
  • Intuitive tools are provided for configuration and to administer the application.
  • Proper training will be given to customers.
  • Best support and maintenance.
  • No installation is requires.
  • Faster to deploy applications.
  • Customization, upgrading and maintaining the software are free.

CRM on demand consists of seven main features mainly.

  1.  Campaign management Support.
  2. Lead management Support.
  3. Account management Support.
  4. Contact management Support.
  5. Opportunity management Support.
  6. Service request management Support.
  7. Sales Forecast.

CRM On demand consists of three types of reporting features.

  1. Lists.
  2. Real-time reports.
  3. Historical Analytics.

Oracle CRM Editions.

  • CRM on Demand Standard Edition.
  • Hi-Tech Edition.
  • Wealth Management / Insurance Edition.
  • Life Sciences Edition.
  • Automotive Edition.

Oracle CRM on Demand Architecture
oracle crm on demand

Subscription plans.

  • Multi-Tenant :- It is a shared model type where multiple companies  reside on a single computing environment and data centers. It’s subscription fee is  very low compared to all subscriptions.
  • Single-Tenant :- In Single-Tenant model every company has it’s own computing environment and data centers.
  • @Customer :- Dedicated hardware will be maintained within the company and software support is provided remotely by the provider.