Microsoft Dynamics CRM : In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM . In our previous Salesforce tutorial w have learned about different types of CRM Databases. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM ?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management application also called as online MS CRM Software . This Microsoft Dynamics CRM online software can be used to implement salesforce automation application, marketing tools, Customer Service application, It can be a platform and framework for software development.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The main concept behind any organization or a firm is the ability to collect all the details of the existing customers to increase their sales and also they try to estimate the needs,desire  and preferences of the future customers. To automate all the process as states an automation software is required. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one online CRM software which has great depth and great versatility.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has new business intelligence functionality.
  2. It is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office.
  3. MS Dynamics CRM has advances user’s personalization features.
  4. It is also integrated with Share point and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  5. It has Role-based Forms and Views.
  6. Best Configuration settings capabilities.
  7. It has customization and sharing features.
  8. Microsoft Dynamics has online CRM Solution with Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace feature.
  9. Cloud Storage, Cloud Development, Cloud Deployment can be done with Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics is in leader position which means leaders which has substantial scale, Share market, global service resource. All these features are provided by Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management.

Microsoft Dynamics  CRM Software integrated Packages.

We have already understood that Ms CRM Software has functional features with enhanced tools and integration with Microsoft Applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Share Point .Microsoft Dynamics has extended it technology to social media, mobile access and key feature like accessing data from Sunglasses and watches.

Different Companies with in the same niche like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Workbooks CRM, Insightly, Nimble, Netsuite, SAP, Oracle CRM, Sage CRM, Salesnet, Veeva CRM, Siebel are the different types of CRM vendors .