In our previous Salesforce CRM Training tutorial we have learned about What is CRM. In this CRM Tutorial we are going to learn about Different types of CRM Databases, Sources of Databases, what is the technology used in different Databases.

What is a CRM Database ?

CRM Database is the core for any customer relationship management(CRM) planning. Different types of information can be stored, analysed and can be made marketing decisions. There are different categories of Databases and they are categorized depending upon firms, business function, information content, marketing activities and technology uses for databases. Mainly there are two types of Databases they are Transaction-related database and Customer Database.

Transaction-related Database : This type of Database are used  to get all the information related to transactions made by customers. We can information from Transaction-related Databases are what transaction have the customer made? What type of product the customer purchased.

Customer database : Customer database collects the information about the customers information like address, Zip Code, Telephone number, age, gender, marital status, education, number of people in house, income, values, interests, preferences and so on.

Different types of CRM Databases

CRM Databases

Sources of CRM Databases

Databases can be acquired from two sources they are Primary Data Source and Secondary Data Source

Primary Data Source

Primary data Sources : Primary Data is collected from the source of sales results, cost information, Distributors reports and feedback, Customers feedback, Marketing activity.

Primary data s collected from households in the form of surveys, experiments, interviews, questionnaires and observations. This type collecting data is very cost and also time taking processes but this type of information is some times required by manager in an organization or a firm.

Secondary Data Source.

Secondary Data Source : Secondary Data is collected from internal records and external records.

Internal Records Source : In internal records information is mainly from business operations like sales results, cost information, from customers feedback, internal marketing research department, sales analyse group, accounting department.

External records : In External Records information is mainly collected from different publishes data sources, standardized source, marketing data sources and from internet.

Different Types of Technologies used in CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is mainly developed due to it’s rapid growth in it’s technology. Due to different types technologies  CRM has evolved n to users friendly, flexible, low cost and high technology processes.

Data Storing Technology has gone through significant changes between customers and salespersons they are Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP), Speech Recognition technology, social networking applications, e-mail, websites and so on.