Cloud service providers

 In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Cloud computing services like Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software as a Service(SaaS). And also we are going to learn about Different cloud service providers.

Every organization requires Network, Storage, Servers, Operating System, Data base etc to run their organization successfully. Before cloud computing technologies every industry goes through all this requirements of Infrastructure, Platform, Software and it makes them huge investments over these services and effects over their company profits. After cloud computing technology has evolved all these services are available in the form a service called “cloud“. No need to install, no need of maintenance, no need of upgrades. All these are maintained by third parties called Service Providers.

There are mainly three Cloud Computing services available in Cloud Computing they are .

Cloud Computing services

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  2. Platform as a Service(PaaS).
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud Computing services and Cloud service providers

These three services are called ” Pillars of Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service.

Infrastructure as a Service means the cloud service providers will provides infrastructure like servers, hosting services and storage. Servers and storage’s are the basic services provide by Cloud Service Providers.

Choosing right IaaS provider is an important thing. Some many cloud Service Providers will provide Maximum Size servers and charges low cost. Depending  on our requirement we like to choose 8-core , large memory machine to run our Data base (or) Big data base analytic’s.

Coming to Storage Service provided by Cloud service Providers we are able to find large block storage and also local systems connected . Servers and Storage collectively provided by Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) Providers.

Top cloud providers (IaaS).

  1. Amazon web Services.
  2. AT&T.
  3. Bluelock.
  4. CA Technologies.
  5. Cloudscaling.
  7. ENKI.
  8. Enomaly.
  9. Eucalyptus Systems.
  10. GoGrid.
  11. HP

Platform as a Service.

Platform as a Service means the cloud service providers provides hardware, OS(operating System), Storage, Network services over the cloud.It is the way like a rent. If there is no service like Platform and there will be not Applications. Which applications are build on a Platform. We need Platform to develop Apps .Platform as a Service  will have many advantages like Operating System features can changed, Upgraded frequently by the IaaS Cloud Service Provider.

Top cloud providers (PaaS).

  1. Amazon web Services – AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  2. Appistry – CloudQ Platform.
  3. App Scale .
  4. Ca technologies
  5. Engine Yard.
  6. Flexi Scale.
  8. gCloud3.
  9. GigaSpaces.
  10. Visual WebGui.

Software as a Service

Through this Services all the software’s are distributes over the cloud. No need to install all software’s are readily available over the internet.Software as a Service is an substantial cloud service provided to all types of organizations with out any risk of software. SaaS supports Web Services and service oriented architecture (SOA).

Advantages of SaaS cloud service.

  1. Administration can be easily done.
  2. We can get automatic updates from cloud service providers.
  3. Patch management from cloud service providers is available.
  4. All users will find same version of software we update is for all users hence it is compatible, Accessible across the globe on every device.

Top cloud providers (SaaS).

  1. Abiquo.
  2. Accelops.
  3. Akamai.
  4. App Dynamics.
  5. Apprenda.
  6. MegaWare.
  7. Cloud9.
  8. Cloud Switch.
  9. CloudTran.
  10. Cumulux.
  11. Eloqua.