In our Previous CRM Training Tutorial we have learned about Microsoft SharePoint. In this CRM Training Tutorial we are going to learn about What is a Social CRM and what are the different typed of Social CRM Tool used to monitor and engage conversations and relationships with new customers and existing customers.

What is Social CRM ?

Social CRM is the process of monitoring, engaging and managing conversations and relationships with new customers and existing customers across the Internet, Social networks and digital channels.

Social CRM is one of the processes to increase relationship with the customers by understanding the requirements and need’s of a customer. Information Technology industry plays an important role in Social CRM  which uses and supports latest technologies in IT.

Social CRM Responses

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube videos, Comments, Reviews from various sites are the different networks used to interact with customers.
  • Through Live Conversations and toll-free numbers.
  • Through Company Brand name.
  • Through sales/support history and Demographics.

Different types of Social CRM applications are

  • Different types of Social CRM applications like Oracle(Siebel), Sugar CRM, Pivotal, Salesforce are integrated with external data like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube videos.
  • It improves end user productivity.
  • It harness the information collected from different social media networks which increases the sales of an organization.
  • It shares, reviews and rate content to drive future sales.
  • Through this CRM we report less and we Sell More.
  • CRM Systems integrates with ERP systems.

Social CRM Features.

It has three key features they are.

  1. Support for Social Media platforms.
  2. Company Brand name monitoring.
  3. Social CRM Analytic’s monitoring