CRM System :- In our previous CRM Software Training we have learned about CRM  software and how to choose best CRM Software. In this CRM Software Training Tutorial we are going to learn about CRM System, best crm system, crm system definition, top crm systems, and importance of CRM System.

What Is A CRM System ?

You have probably come across the term ‘CRM’, hence the reason you are reading this article. But what exactly is a CRM? Well, the term ‘CRM’ is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. It enables businesses to manage the business data, information and relations that pertains to them.

CRM System - Importance of CRM System

CRM System – Importance of CRM System

With a CRM system, you can store a large number of customer details, accounts, sales opportunities and leads all in one place, usually in the cloud where each and every member of the company can access with ease and in real time. Due to the creation of social media networks, a CRM system may not stir up lots of talk in the business world. However, given the fact that it is built around relationships and people, it has proven to be a very valuable asset to businesses that have the vision of expanding even further.

Importance of a CRM system

Any business when it is being formed, relies on the great customer relationship that it has. You the owner will have to communicate with the potential client in order to make sales and maintain the communication for the purpose of future sales. This is a manageable process when we are talking of about 10 customers or so. However, as the business grows, this process gets even more complex. As it is no longer communication with the sellers but with a myriad of many other teams that play a part in the running of the business. As such, you will need to share this information with these teams who will be making contact with the customers at the same time. Clearly a CRM system is of much importance.

Signs that you are in need of a CRM system software

Now, you probably have heard of the saying that, ‘what got you here will not get you there’ given that it applies to any careers. In the early stages of your company or business, using Excel or even post-it notes may be sufficient to track your incoming orders and the customers. However, as your business or company grows, so does its complexity and you will realize that you will need equally sophisticated ways to keep track of the transactions and customers in order to stay competitive. Having said that, you may be wondering how you know that it is time to take the step and upgrade. The following are some of the tells you can use to make that major decisions.

  • Your team has no single source of the truth

Today you may opt to store the information of the customer of an Excel sheet and then tomorrow you go with a post-it that eventually gets lost, and the team has no visibility whatsoever of each other’s contact. If you do not take a step to store all the information in one central place, then you are greatly limiting the communication of the customer with the business.

  • Analysis and reporting turns into a time consuming and painful process

In an ideal situation, you would want to have a report from the sales team every month to track the progress against the quota or to know the top sales performers. However, you currently do not get the reports o when you try, it is a very painful and tasking process for the sales team.

  • When you are losing data

It is very hard for you to schedule meetings with prospective customers or even current customers. You may have great meeting while you are on the road but the team in charge of the sales seem to be losing their data constantly.

If you are faced with such problems, then you should know that it is definitely time for you to make the shift to a CRM system.