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Vtiger CRM Software

L??rn Ab?ut Vtiger CRM S?ftw?r? ?nd It? B?n?f?t? And F??tur??

Th? Vtiger CRM ?? a t??? of ?nt?r?r???-r??d? O??n Source CRM ??ftw?r? ?r?n????ll? designed f?r ?m?ll ?nd m?d?um ??z?d companies. It ??mb?n?? the advantages of O??n S?ur?? ??ftw?r? w?th ?dd?t??n?l ?nt?r?r??? features which ?dd? m?r? v?lu? t? the ?nd u??r.

It ?? a professional CRM ???l???t??n that ?? fully featured with n? ongoing l???n?? f??? and 100% Open S?ur??. Furthermore, th? setup ???t is v?r? l?w ?nd there are no ??r-???t f???. If you want t? ?u?t?m?z? ?t t? ?u?t ??ur business process and ???t?m?, th?r? ?? the opportunity f?r ??u. It is full? ?nt?gr?t?d w?th a r?ng? of th?rd ??rt? ??ftw?r? systems ?nd th?r? is also the availability ?f ?n??t? ?r h??t?d ?l?ud ??lut??n?.vtiger crm

M?r??v?r, th?r? ?? n? u?fr?nt ????t?l ?x??nd?tur? as w?ll as th? ?????b?l?t? ?f ?ll?w?ng unl?m?t?d u??r? ?nd unlimited tr?ff??. N? matter where you are ?n th? world ?r wh?t language ??u speak, th? Vtiger CRM ?? international ?nd mult?l?ngu?l.

It runs on an SSL ???ur?d 128b?t encrypted w?b ?????? and h?? a ?h?rt ?m?l?m?nt?t??n time th?r?b? giving ??u a quick ROI. It is ?l?? ?nt?gr?t?d t? ERP systems with th? provision ?f w?b ??rt?l f?r customers ?nd ??rtn?r? ?? w?ll ?? th? ?nt?gr?t??n of M??r???ft Outl??k, Office, M?z?ll? F?r?f?x ?nd Thund?rb?rd.

Vtiger CRM Installation.

The ?n?t?ll?t??n ?f Vt?g?r CRM is v?r? easy as ?ll th? necessary ??ftw?r? l?k? Apache, M?SQL ?nd PHP are ?nt?gr?t?d ?nd ?x??ut?bl?? ?r? m?d? ???????bl? f?r W?nd?w? and Linux (Red-hat, Debian, SuSe, Fedora ?nd M?nddr?k?) operating systems ?n SourceForge.net. A? a result ?f th??, you d?n’t n??d t? b? concerned ?b?ut ??tt?ng up d?t?b???, w?b ??rv?r ?nd ?th?r ??ftw?r?.

Furth?rm?r?, th? Vt?g?r CRM provides ?u?t?m?r r?l?t??n?h?? management ??lut??n for small and m?d?um ??z?d ??m??n??? w?th a w?ll loaded f??tur?? ?n a ???ur?d, ?u?t?m?z?bl? ?l?tf?rm.

Vtiger Features and Benefits.

  • It is a web-based, ?l?tf?rm-?nd???nd?nt CRM ?nd Gr?u?w?r? ???t?m th?t ?? ??ntr?d ?n O??n Source t??hn?l?g??? which helps ??u in formulating ?tr?t?g??? for cross-departmental ?r??????? that will allow ??u t? m?th?d???ll? develop ??ur ?x??t?ng ?nd n?w customer relationships.
  • It supports your bu??n???’ ?nt?rn?l ?r??????? ?nd ?m?l????? ?n sales, marketing, ?u?t?m?r service ?nd b??k-?ff??? ??r??nn?l, to better ?rg?n?z? ??ur ?u?t?m?r?’ d?t? l?k? accounts and ??nt??t?, ??l?? l??d?, potentials ?nd pipelines, quotes, ??l?? ?rd?r? as w?ll ?? tr?ubl? t??k?t? ?nd ?r?du?t? kn?wl?dg? b???, and so mu?h m?r?.
  • As a r??ult of th??, ?f you w?nt ?n ?m?r?v?d ?u?t?m?r service wh??h w?ll in turn l??d t? m?r? ??l?? ?nd ?r?f?t?b?l?t? f?r your bu??n???, a Vt?g?r CRM S?ftw?r? ?? ?ur?l? ??ur b??t bet.

Vtiger CRM software Recent updates.

Recently on October 6th 2014, Vtiger CRM has updated it’s software with some features. Some of the updates in recent Tiger CRM are.

  • We can add vendors to our Vtiger CRM Software using Web forms and also can we can auto populate vendors address on purchase orders.
  • We can set group and individual tax modes as default.
  • We can make visible or hide product bundle on in voices.
  • iPad  Google maps and i message integration.

Vtiger Login.

To login in to your Vtiger CRM go to the following URl :- https://www.vtiger.com/log-in/