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Many organizations are spending huge amount of money to increase their sales form their budgets but they are failing to increase their sales. So in recent time sales technologies and many sales based crm systems have been developed to implement CRM systems in to the sales effectively.

Through Customer Relationship Management Systems we can clearly understand about what does a company need to increase sales, How CRM’s performance can impact salesforce, what are the key performance indicators that are to be incorporated in to CRM systems.

Generally cloud based CRM Systems in an organization is not one process it includes many process like investments, employees, Salespeople and so on.

CRM Systems Stages

Sales based CRM System can be implemented in four stages they are.

  • Organizational CRM System adoption.
  • CRM system acceptance.
  • CRM Frequency of use.
  • CRM infusion.

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Organizational CRM System adoption : This is the stage where an organization decides to to purchase CRM system and starts various activities in Sales department in an organization.

CRM System Acceptance : Now CRM System working and functional details will be introduced to salespeople in Sales department. Proper training will be given to salespeople about CRM Systems. Once they developed proper knowledge on CRM System they practically develop initial feelings towards CRM System and then they decide whether they will adopt this CRM system or not.

CRM Frequency of Use : When Salespeople accepts CRM System they starts to work on CRM Systems for their daily use. Frequently using CRM Systems is an important factor in an organization.

CRM Infusion : Now the CRM System is fully integrated with different applications in to the salespeople work.

Different CRM System factors.

  • Easy-of-use : Customer Relationship Management system must be user friendly making the tasks easy.
  • System usefulness : This is the most important factor for accepting CRM Systems. Sales executive should strive to assess what benefits salespeople seek from a CRM system and they try to match these needs to the specific CRM features.
  • Compatibility with the existing systems : New CRM Systems must be compatible with the existing systems . Salespeople should be compatible with the existing values, speed  and user experience.

There are different types of CRM System. They are

  • Cloud based or Web based CRM Systems .
  • Sales based CRM Systems.
  • Open Source CRM System.
  • Hosted CRM System.

How to Select Good CRM System.

To choose  the top CRM System we have to clear understanding about the key concepts.

  1. What is the technology used to track data/information. Do our systems have any integrates approach.
  2. We have to determine the CRM features and capabilities that are needed for our future CRM Solution.
  3. We should define what we have data do we need, what is the process for collecting data.
  4. What is our CRM Software budget.
  5. Do our systems qualify for free CRM Systems versions for non profits like
  6. We should calculate total cost for CRM systems including training, support, maintenance over three to five years.
  7. Do we have right technical staff .