Salesforce campaign management : In this salesforce training tutorial we are going to learn clearly about what is salesforce campaign management, How to manage marketing campaigns, different type of campaigns, marketing automation, email campaigns, ppc campaign management, targeted email campaigns, ad words campaign management.

In salesforce CRM marketing administration is available. Marketing administration is helpful  to manage marketing campaigns from initiation to lead management with the sales team in an organization. Through this marketing administration, the effectiveness of each campaigns can be analysed by leads and opportunities generated in an organization.

Salesforce CRM record life cycle will be as shown below.

Salesforce campaign management

Salesforce campaign management

Salesforce CRM life cycle process starts with marketing administration where campaigns are done through marketing administration. Different types of Marketing administration tools are used to carry Salesforce campaign managements. These Marketing administration tools links the leads which are generated in an organization.

In marketing administration different types of functions are enables like campaign management, lead management, reporting and analysis, response tracking, campaign effectiveness. We can provide different security levels when creating campaign management in  salesforce such as create, edit and delete campaigns. To set security and advanced campaigns settings user must have Marketing user Licence as shown below.

salesforce campaign management

Marketing user Licence

What is Salesforce Campaign Management?

Every one has to know what is salesforce campaign management. Through campaign management salesforce allows to manage and track outbound marketing activities which are E-mail campaigns, targeted email campaigns, email marketing, Google adwords campaigns, pay per click(PPC) management, Road show campaigns, Print advertisements and other different types of marketing campaigns.

Different types of steps are present when working with salesforce campaigns they are :

  1. Campaign Planning.
  2. Campaign Setup.
  3. Campaign Creation.
  4. Campaign execution.
  5. Campaign responses.
  6. Campaign effectiveness.

Effective campaign strategies are required to increase their sales. In our next salesforce tutorials we will discuss about different steps in salesforce campaign management.