Load Data into Salesforce objects

How to load data into Salesforce objects?

I have created my salesforce application  and i have to enter my data into salesforce. I have only 5 records in one of my object, so I can simply go to tab and will create records in salesforce. But in one of my object i need to load bulk (thousands of) records, to enter thousand of records will take more time by entering manually and also it is very difficult and no one will enter thousands of records manually. Here I am providing information about how to load data into salesforce by using automated tools.

Salesforce providing two ways to load-data into Sobjests. One way is “load data by using import wizard from your setup menu”  and other way is load data by using data loader.

Import wizard vs Data loader

Import wizard:

To work with import wizard no need to install any tool, directly from setup menu and we can use it.

By using import wizard we can load data of Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Solutions and Custom Objects.

By Using import wizard we can load data up to 50,000 records.

We cannot load duplicate records by using import wizard.

We can also schedule exports from set up menu export data under data management.

Data loader

Data loader is a tool provided by salesforce. We can download this from setup menu.

By using data loader we can perform Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Hard delete, Export & Export All operations.

We can load 5,00,000 records at time by using data loader.

And also by using command line interface we can schedule dataloads.

By using data loader we can load data of all Sobjects.

Working with Import wizard to load data:

In salesforce to navigate to import wizard go to Setup -> Administer -> Data management

Load data

  Here i will explain you how to use import wizard and other options to load data in to salesforce objects:

  Below operations we can do from standard setup menu. To understand this go to below topics.

1. Data import Wizard

2. Import Accounts/Contacts

3. Import Leads

Working with data loader to load data into Sobjects

We can use dataloader to load-data up to 5,00,000 records. By using data loader we can load any Sobject records. To know more about data loader go through below topic.

Using Data Loader

Many other topics are there related to this. I will update this page later.

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