Salesforce Campaign planning : In our previous salesforce training tutorial we have learned about what is salesforce campaign management and marketing management. In this salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about the salesforce campaign planning strategies.

 when we are working with campaign we  have to follow six steps in salesforce CRM hey are:

  1. Campaign Planning.
  2. Campaign Setup.
  3. Campaign creation.
  4. Campaign execution.
  5. Campaign responses.
  6. Campaign effectiveness.

 Salesforce Campaign planning.

In an organization every marketing team must have overall plan about the goals and objectives of the campaigns like core processes, type of the campaign that the company is going to campaign before starting to build and run campaigns.

Different types of campaigns.

  • Mass Marketing e-mails.
  • Hosting a conference.
  • Sending direct mails.
  • Pay per Click advertisements.
  • Road Shows.
  • Online advertisements
  • Google adwords.
  • Social Networks advertisements(Facebook) and so on.

Every company must analyses the targets of the campaigning which helps in identifying whether they should be with existing customers, existing leads or new leads. With existing leads we can use lead scoring and lead status to facilitate segmentation.

salesforce campaign planning

Salesforce Campaign planning

Generating Analysis and report on campaigns is very important. Create campaign fields in early stage to customize campaigns. Customizing campaigns helps us to improve the targeting  and customer segmentation. Through this we can compare and analyse which types of campaigns are the most effective for our sales and marketing teams.

When targeting with new Leads, marketing team targets new leads through third party lists. These third party lists suspects, prospects or leads can be flagged in salesforce with a specific indicator. By flagging with different records or assigning to different queue, these lead records can be kept apart from existing prospects so that any pre-qualification or De-duplicating can be done before they are available for use in campaigns.

important points before creating campaign in salesforce.

  1. Lay out your entire marketing plan of projects
  2. Build the basic framework and business case for a project.
  3. Define statuses and success metrics for campaign responses. Success metrics measures how you determine whether the campaign was worth your company’s money, time and effort.
  4. Develop a detailed project plan so that important tasks get accomplished.

In our next salesforce tutorial we learn about how to setup campaign in salesforce.