How to create views in

Here in this article we are going to create a new view in Creating views is the process to filter data that the data exact we want to view from a record. Views allows to filter the records as well as the relevant column data to be displayed and provides the flexibility in the given accessibility to specify set of users o to all the users or we can specify to visible only to you.

  1. Click Lead Tab.How to create views in
  2. Now view Click hyperlink called create new view.How to create views in
  1. Now a form is shown.


Enter view name , view name unique .

How to create views in

Step 2.

Now specify filter criteria that you want to view . Select Filter by additional fields.


Now select display options that you want to view .

How to create views in

Step 4. Restrict Visibility.How to create views in

Here we can find 3 options that to choose visibility.

  1. Visible to me.
  2. Visible to all.
  3. Visible to certain users.

Select any one from the above options.


In the above criteria elements add filter elements specify multiple conditions.

How to create views in

Here we can find all the Leads who belongs to Country USA.

Ex : If i want to put the filter condition to Country belongs to USA, State/ Province belongs to PA my filter condition will be like below.

(Country equals USA) AND (State/Province equals to PA).

Here we write conditions in each separate line. Like wise we can add filter all the conditions like AND, OR, NOT and so on. We will discuss about all those Logical operators in our next article.