Data types and field types in sfdc :In this tutorial we are going to know about What are the different data types, Different types of Field types. In General both data types and field types have the same names in the user names. We use different Data types depending on the condition.

Generally in API there are 5 different data types. They are

  1. ID.
  2. String.
  3. Boolean.
  4. Double.
  5. Varies by type

We can group different field types depending on the Data types.

IDLook up relationship, master-detail relationship
StringAuto number, email, phone, multi select pick list, text, text area, long text area, rich text area, data category group reference and URL
BooleanCheck box
DoubleCurrency, Formula, number, percent and roll-up summary.
Varies by typeFormula Field

Different Field Types

Auto number : when auto number data types is selected a system-generated sequence number that uses a certain display format that we define. Auto generated number will be increment for every record we create.

Formula  : When Formula data type is selected we are able to derive different Formula expressions that derives values. The formula field is updated every time when there is a change in source field. It is a read-only field type.

Roll-up Summary : Roll-up Summary is also a read-only field type. By using this Roll-up Summary data types we are able to make some mathematical calculations like Sum, Minimum, Maximum values of a afield in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list.

Lookup Relationship : This type of Data type links two objects. we can link on object to another object by Lookup relationship. This data type field allows user to select a value from popup list.

Master-detail relationship : Master-detail relationship also links two objects but it creates a special type of parent-child relationship between the two objects.

Checkbox : If a user wants boolean function like true or false this Checkbox data types is used.

Currency : Currency field type allows user to enter INR or any other country currency values in the record.

Date : Allows user to enter date or we can select the date from popup calendar.

Date/ time  : Date and Date/Time field types are different from each other. In Date/Time the user can select date from popup calendar and also current time is entered in the Date/Time field.

Email : Allows users to enter Email address.

Geolocation : Allows users to enter altitude and longitude values.

Number : Allows users to enter numbers.

Percent : Automatically percentage sign is added .

Phone : Allows users to enter Phone Number.

Picklist : Allows users to select only on list from a group of lists that we defined. Picking one among many.

Text : Allows users to enter combination of both letters and numbers.

Text Area : Allows users to enter up to 255 characters of letters and numbers.

Text area (Long) : Allows users to enter up to 32,768 characters on separate lines.

Text Area (Rich) : Allows users to enter formatted text, add images and links up to 32,768 characters on separate lines.

Text(Encrypted) : Allows users to enter any combination of letters an numbers and store them in encrypted format.

URL : Allows users to enter a valid website address.

Picklist (multi-select) : Allows users to select many from a group of list that we defined