Different Standard Pages in Force.com :-In our previous Salesforce Developer Tutorial we have learned about visualforce native user interface. In this Visualforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Overriding Standard pages with Visualforce pages.

Different Standard Pages in Force.com

Standard pages are the default pages provided by Force.com data base. These standard pages properties can be overridden by using custom visualforce pages. When working with standard pages in force.com we observe four types of native user interface standard pages . They are

  • Standard pages for Tabs.
  • Standard pages for List page Display.
  • Standard pages for View Page.
  • Standard Page for Edit page.

Standard pages for Tabs

For Tabs standard page will be appeared when we click on any Tab.

standard pages override

Here we have selected Cases Tab from Tab menu. Then all the recent Cases will be displayed. above Shown Screenshot is the Standard Tab page.

Standard List Page.

Standard List page displays a series of record in tabular view. To view list of records in tabular format click on any Tab as shown above and select Go button as shown in above screenshot.

standard pages override0

All the Case records will be displayed when Go button is selected.

Standard  Edit Page.

Standard edit page and Standard view page will have same page layout properties but they have difference between them that in standard edit page values of the records and fields can be modified and saved.

To edit a page click on Edit button as standard page.

standard pages override2


Standard View page.

In force.com Standard View Page will have Read-Only property. Records and fields can not be modified, deleted and saved in Standard view Page.

standard pages override1


This is the Standard View page in force.com.