Different Visualforce Section in Production  :In our previous Salesforce Developer Training Tutorial we have learned about Configuring Visualforce pages as a Tab. In this Visualforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Different Visualforce Section in production environment.

Different Visualforce Section in Production

When an application is developed  in salesforce.com brfore moving to production department it has to be tested for real-world user interface. Before moving developed application from development to production we must process some section in visualforce.

Different Visualforce Section in Production

  1. Debugging and Tuning.
  2.  Security.
  3. Error Handling.
  4. Governor Limits.
  5. Unit Test or Code Coverage.

Debugging and Tuning :- Debugging  and Tuning is the process of troubleshooting unexpected behaviour or bugs from visualforce user interface  using system log information.

Security :- Security must be provided to visualforce pages,records by providing sharing shares.

Error Handling :- The main Goal in Error Handling is the to find uncaught Errors in visualforce pages.

Governor limits :- Governor limits are the runtime limits enforced by the Apex runtime engine to write scalable and efficient code.

Unit test :- Unit test or Code coverage are mandatory to every apex code and visualforce controller