Visualforce apex:param tag :In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about apex:panelBar and apex:panelBarItem. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about visualforce apex:param tag and how it is used in visualforce pages.

Visualforce apex:param tag

<Apex:Param> :- apex:param tag is used to hold java Script values.param means parameter. This tag is also used to Pass values from java Script to an Apex controller. <Apex:param> component has to be used as a child item to the following component. Some of the components are

  • <apex:actionfunction>.
  • <apex:actionSupport>.
  • <apex:CommandLink>.
  • <apex:Outputlink>.
  • <apex:Outputtext>.
  • <flow:interview>.

Create new visualforce page as shown below.


Click on Create page apex:param link as shown below.


Observe the code shown below.


In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we have used apex:param as a child component to <apex:outputlink> tag. We must specify rendered attribute in <apex:outputlink> tag to take parameters.If the rendered attribute in the parent component is not specified it does not take any parameter.

Output:apex:param tag