Visualforce Data Components :- In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Visualforce view components basics. In this salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about visualforce Data Components and list of data components.

Visualforce Data Components

What are Data components ?

Visualforce Data Components are those which manipulates fields and records of the data base with in visualforce page.

Visualforce data components

To clearly understand about Data Components in visualforce we have divided Data components in to three categories. They are

  • Metadata-Aware Components.
  • Primitive Data Components.
  • Repeating Components.

Metadata-Aware Components.

Metadata-Aware Components are only valid when the fields and records are bounded with database object. These components uses the definition of the database object yo determine the appearance of the component of the page.Inputfield and Outputfield are the two components available to display input elements and output elements.

  • Inputfield.
  • Outputfield.

Primitive Data Components.

Primitive Data Components are components which adds Visualforce functionality to Standard HTML Tags. This type of components must be used inside FORM tag.

List of Primitive Data Components.


Repeating Components

Repeating Component renders the components body for every child in the collection. There are three types of repeating components available they are.

  •  DataList :- DataList Component is rendered as an HTML list. It renders every list item.
  • DataTable :- DataTable component is rendered as an HTML Table.
  • Repeat :- Repeat component loops over the elements of the collection and it does not provide any HTML formatting.