Reports and Dashboards in salesforce : In this salesforce tutorial we are going to learn briefly about Reports and Dashboards in salesforce. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to earn about Reports, dashboards, How to use Report folders.

In we have Reports, Dashboard and folders which are used for data analytics. Trough Reports and Dashboards we generate customized data in the form of visual representation Graphs. pie charts etc. Graphical representation of data is done through Dashboards.

Reports and Dashboards in salesforce

Reports and Dashboards in salesforce are the analytics tools which allows all the users in an organization to manage the data in the form of reports and visual representation of data.Through reports and Dashboards in salesforce sales team can produce reports of sales pipeline, marketing team can produce reports on the progress of campaigns and users can also create custom reports in salesforce.

Report in Salesforce overview

 Reports are very important in which helps to get all the data analytics in salesforce CRM. When creating reports in salesforce the data is displayed in the form of rows and columns. we can set rule criteria to which form the data to be displayed.

Reports can be generated for two types of objects. They are

  • Standard Objects
  • Custom objects.

Standard Reports : In we can generate Standard reports for Accounts and Contacts. When a standard report is generated we can forecast details about opportunities, products,Sales, leads and so on.

Custom Reports : Custom Reports are generated for Custom objects. We can create custom reports by the following directions. Go to Setup=>Build=>Create=>Report Types.

Dashboards in Salesforce Overview

Dashboards in salesforce are the pictorial representation of reports using graphical elements. IN to represent Dashboards we use Dashboard components which are also known as Graphical elements.Some of the dashboard components / graphical elements are

  • Charts.
  • Gauges.
  • Tables.
  • Metrics.
  • Scatter chart.
  • Funnel chart.
  • Donut chart.
  • Pie chart.
  • Line chart.
  • Vertical bar chart.
  • Horizontal Bar chart
  • And also through visualforce pages.

Through Dashboards we are able to get data in the form of Diagrams. Visual representation of data is done through Dashboards in salesforce CRM. We can present data in the form of Charts, gauges, tables, metrics, scatter chart, funnel chart, Donut chart, pie chart, Line chart, Vertical bar chart, horizontal Bar chart and also through visualforce pages.

reports and dashboards in salesforce

Folders in reports and Dashboards

Data Analytics with Reports and Dashboards in salesforce

Folders in are those which stores data, files, images,  reports and Dashboards analytics data. . The list of  folders, which is represented by folder icon will have all report folders.We can create new folders in to store Reports and Dashboards. We can set security to these folder as read-only and read/write.