User Interface Components :- In our previous Visualforce Training Tutorial we have learned about Styled Components. In this Salesforce Developer Tutorial we are going to learn about User Interface Components and how User interface Components are used in visualforce pages.

What are User Interface Components ? User Interface components are used to expand many subordinate user interface elements to our visualforce pages. Through user interface components we can create, edit, deletes records. User interface components are divided in to four types. They are

  • List view Components.
  • EnhancedList Components.
  • RelatedList Components.
  • Detail Components.

List View Components :-  listviews component binds database object to a  component.The listview component is rendered only when Enable Enhanced Lists option is disabled for the organization. Through listviews components we can edit, create list views of a record.

EnhancedList Components :- Enhancedlist component is an advanced or modern version for listview components. These components will have drop down list, columns, sortable columns, view names and tables of records.

RelatedList Components :- RelatedList components renders a list of child components. Depending upon the user’s permissions the related records can be edited, deleted and created. relatedlist component supports both Detail and Lookup relationships.

Detail Components :- Detail Components are those which provides subset to user interface’s detail page for an object. It provides inline editing feature for an object ad also it respects page layouts defined per record type.