Picklist, Controlling Picklist and Dependent Picklist in salesforce : In this tutorial we are going to learn about the custom field type “Picklist”. In general all we know about picklist. In salesforce also the description is same Picklist allows to contain multiple values and pick One among them or Multiple among them.

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Picklist Characteristics.

  1. Picklist values are Static and can not defined dynamically.
  2. Picklist values are maintained by Administrator.
  3. Picklist values are displayed as drop down menu.
  4. Maximum number of characters allowed in Picklist is 15,000.
  5. Custom Picklist can have 1,000 entries and 255 characters per entry.
  6. Custom multi-select picklist can have up to 150 values and 40 characters per value.
  7. For multi-select picklist, users can select up to 100 vales at the time on a record.
  8. Picklist have Controlling and Dependent picklist.
  9. Picklist vales does no have any other associated data.
  10. Values are captured in Web-to-lead submissions where Web-to-lead do not support custom relationship fields.

Creation of Picklist.

Here we are creating Picklist for Country and Continent. Picklist is a field type in which it allows to contain values and pick one value.

 Steps to create Picklist.

Setup => Build => Create => Objects => Custom field ans Relationships => New => Picklist

Now we are creating picklist for Country and Continent. Enter the details as given below for Country Picklist.

Enter the country names. One country name for each line and select Next.

Select all Check box and click next.

Select Save.

Now create Picklist for Continent.

Field Dependency.

Here we want to establish the field dependency across the two fields Continent and Country.

Controlling Field : The value in dependency controls the value of the dependent field.

Dependency field : The vale on Dependency field depends on value of the Controlling field.

Now we are going to create Controlling field and Dependent field.

Go to Setup => Build => Create => Objects => Custom field ans Relationships => Field Dependency.

Double Click on the list to select or select include or exclude.