Salesforce basics tutorials are essentials to know before we are going to main concepts. Let we discuss about the menus that are available when we logged in to Below we have given screenshot here we find all menu available.  After logging in to your free developer account(salesforce login) we observe some menu. They are listed below

  1. TAB Menu.
  2. All TAB Menu.
  3. More TAB Menu.
  4. User Menu.
  5. Setup Menu.
  6. Application Menu.
  7. Search Menu.

TAB MENU : In TAB Menu all tabs are arranged in a row. Here we can arrange TABs that we created.

ALL TAB MENU : In All Tabs Menu we find all Tabs available in Through all Tabs menu we can add our custom tab to TAB Menu.

MORE TAB MENU : In more tabs we can find more Tabs available in

USER MENU : User menu is available at the top with username. In User menu we can change our profile settings, my settings.To log out from account click your Account name .

APPLICATION MENU : Application menu is shown at the top right listing the set of applications. This menu allows to shuffle between the applications. Please observe some of the pre built applications available in With free account has some sample applications with some sample data and implementations.

SEARCH MENU : Search menu help to search  in

SIDEBAR MENU : Inside bar menu we have different sections like Administrations, Build, Monitor, jobs, logs.