Visualforce Apex:Page tag

Visualforce Page Apex:Page : In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about different Visualforce tags. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Visualforce tag called <apex:page>.

<apex:page> :- <apex:page> is the basic tag used in visualforce page. Every Visualforce page must start with this <apex:page> tag and should end with </apex:page> tag. This tag is used only once in visualforce page.

Different attributes that support <apex:page> tag.

 Action   apiVersion       Cache     ContentType  

Let us See how <apex:page> tag works

 Create visualforce page as shown below.Visualforce Page Apex:Page

Create a new visualforce page.

Visualforce Page Apex:Page

Every visualforce page must be started with <apex:page> tag and should end with </apex:page>. Every code must be written between these two tags. We have give H1 heading for welcome to crm salesforce training. Comments must be written between <!..> braces.