Configuring Visualforce Page as a Tab :- In our previous Salesforce Developer Tutorials we have clearly learned about Adding Visualforce Pages to Custom Buttons and LinksIn this Salesforce Visualforce Tutorials we are going to learn about Configuring visualforce page as a Tab.

Configuring Visualforce Page as a Tab

Configuring Visualforce Page as a Tab is nothing but creating new Tab using visualforce page in native user interface.

To create Visualforce page Tabs in follow the steps as shown below.

  • Go to Build=>Create=>Tabs.


Click on Tabs as shown above.


Now we are navigated to new page as shown above. Scroll down to Visualforce tabs.

Click on New.


Step 1 :- Enter all the details as shown below.


  • Select Visualforce page from the drop down list.
  • Enter Tab Label.
  • Enter Tab Name.
  • Select Tab style from lookup window.
  • Select splash page custom links.
  • Enter Description.
  • Click on Next Button.
  • And finally Click on Save Button.


We have successfully Configured Visualforce Page as a Tab.