visualforce native user interface : In our previous Salesforce Developer Tutorial we have learned about Visualforce user interface components. In this Visualforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about how visualforce pages are integrates with native user interface pages.

What is meant by visualforce native user interface?

In salesforce proivdes a way to integrate visualforce pages with native user interface pages. By using native user interface in visualforce we can override the buttons, override standard pages, we can add buttons to standard pages, add tabs. All these actions can be done to provide custom user interface.

What is meant by visualforce native user interface?

What is meant by visualforce native user interface?

Custom user interface interaction can be done to some of the following. They are

  • Standard pages.
  • Standard Buttons.
  • Page Layouts.
  • Custom Buttons and Links.
  • Custom Tabs.

Standard pages :- Standard Pages are the default pages provided by .These pages can be overridden by using custom visualforce pages.

Standard Buttons :- In standard pages we can find different standard buttons like create, edit, delete, view , edit and so on. The working of these standard buttons can be extended by using custom visualforce code.

Page layouts :- In standard and custom page layouts we define the position and visibility of a fields, buttons, related list  in salesforce. We can create custom page layouts with different user’s permissions. Visualforce pages can also be embedded in to page layouts.

Custom Buttons and Links :- In Standard pages Custom Buttons can be presented at the top of the page and custom links are presented in a detail page.

Custom Tabs :- Using custom visualforce page we can create custom tabs at the top the navigation bar for every application in