Salesforce Chatter Objects :In our previous Salesforce Training tutorial we have learned about What is Salesforce Chatter. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Chatter data model.

What is Salesforce Chatter Data Model ?

Salesforce Chatter Data model in mainly depends on Salesforce Chatter feed Items objects. These feed items represents a Chatter Post.

 Chatter model is of three types they are

  • Chatter Data Model – User.
  • Chatter Data Model – Feed.
  • Chatter Data Model – Group.

Salesforce Chatter Data Model – User

In this Salesforce Data Model we are assuming that Sales manager wants to know what their Sales representatives are doing in their organization.

Salesforce Chatter Data Model - User

Chatter objects

In an Organization Sales representative is a person who woks on many opportunities and the customers or user(Sales manager) follows Sales representative on Salesforce Chatter. When Sales manager follows Sales representative on Chatter he can get all updates of sales representative. From above data model User is Sales manager and User Object is Sales representative. Entity Subscription object supports many-to-many relationship between sales manger and Sales representative.

Salesforce Chatter Data model – Feed

 Salesforce Chatter Data model - Feed

Salesforce Chatter objects

 Following are the Chatter Feed objects in salesforce they are

  • Feed post : It signifies the changes in contact feed, text posts, link posts and content post.
  • Feed Comment : Comments can be made here.

Salesforce Chatter Feed Items

  1. UserProfileFeed : UserProfilefeed tracks all action of the user 0n records.
  2. News Feed : Entire organization news can be available on News Feed.
  3. Entity Feed : Here user can subscribe to another another user.
  4. CollaborationGroupFeed : Group activities can be made here.

Chatter Data Model – Group.

As mentioned earlier we can create two types of chatter groups they are Public group and Private. In public group any one can join and create new public group in Salesforce Chatter. When coming to Salesforce Chatter Data model.

Chatter Data Model - Group.

This is similar to Chatter Model – User. As previously states User(Manger) follows sales representative he must follow sales representative. Here sales representative must sent request to sales manger and manager approves him.